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Note: All videos here are also available on the ECIC/Great Start YouTube channel, which is called TheECIC. To access the page, click here. To receive email notification from YouTube of new videos, go to the TheECIC and subscribe.


Great Start CONNECT: A Tutorial for Parents
Learn how to use Great Start CONNECT, the online database for parents seeking quality child care and child care providers.
August, 2011

How to change provider information on Great Start CONNECT
A how-to for child care providers using Great Start CONNECT
August, 2011

How to register for Great Start CONNECT training
Teaches child care providers how to access and use the training aspect of Great Start CONNECT
August, 2011


A primer on MI's Great Start Regional Child Care Resource Centers
An explanation of the services available and an explanation of what the centers do.
October, 2011

Quality in Childcare: Safety
Members of Regional Resource Centers discuss how to define and identify quality in your childcare center.
October, 2011

Quality in Childcare: Early Learning Setting
Members of Regional Resource Centers discuss what to look for in a childcare setting. 
October, 2011

Quality in Childcare: Early Learning Routine
Members of Regional Resource Centers discuss the importance of routines in a setting. 
October, 2011

Quality in Childcare: Early Learning Materials
Members of the Regional Resource Centers discuss why materials in a setting are important.
October, 2011.

Quality in Early Childhood: Staff Qualifications
Members of the Regional Resource Centers discuss why staff qualifications are so vital.
November 2011

Quality in Early Childhood: Relationships 
Members of the Regional Resource Centers discuss the importance of relationships in quality care.
Novem ber 2011


Idea TV is a series of one-minute vignettes for child care providers and parents that explore ways that everyday events and objects can be turned into learning experiences. The series was created in 2011 by Detroit Public Television for the Early Childhood Investment Corporation's Great Start Child Care Quality Program. The videos are available at the ECIC/Great Start YouTube channel called TheECIC. You can also view them here.


Avoid labeling kids
The kitchen is perfect for counting
I Spy perfect teaches shapes, numbers
Make child hero at story time
Naptime can turn day into night
Why breaking crackers can break hearts at bedtime
How children can take words literally
Movement through a child's eyes
Kids and self-centered thinking
Talking builds trust, language
Making dinner teaches concepts
Shoes and measuring
Outdoor playtime supports sleep
Grocery lists help reading
Turn everyday items into treasure chest
Laundry for counting
Labeling for independence
Use playtime for sharing
Imagination reflects how kids see world
Create your own appleman
Pre-plan for healthy meals, snacks
Giviing babies simple choices
Movement activities stimulate body awareness
Power struggles for problem solving
Use traffic lights for counting
Reverse copycat game
Get down to kids' level
The silent move game
How to use furniture for shapes, measuring and math
Resist urge to control conversation
Establishing routines for naptime
Movements are key to experiencing world
Use the movement game
Getting dressed should be a choice not a hassle
Mealtime and make-believe
Alphabet soup helps math skills
A lost toy is an opportunity
Park perfect for science skills
Why TV room is a gateway
Building blocks for early math